Symbol of calm and balance, it is a timeless shade that expresses the desire for stability and sober elegance. A world tour through soaps. Handcrafted, with exotic scents or floral fragrances. Discovering traditions, ancient customs and exclusive productions. To transform a habit into a sensual ritual

Soap making has existed in many different cultures for a long time, even Romans and ancient Egyptians used to make it. It is traditionally produced with fat, lye and water, which are transformed into soap thanks to a byproduct of natural glycerine. In the beginning, a lot of animal fat was used and is still used in industrial soap. Later people started making soap from Olive oil in the countries that had a lot of olive trees like Turkey, Greece and also France. It has to be borne in mind that the ingredients should be ethically sourced and well produced. A world tour through soaps. Handcrafted, with exotic scents or floral fragrances. Discovering traditions, ancient customs and exclusive productions. To transform a habit into a sensual ritual

Ideal Standard

Iom and Connect soap-dishes

D.R. Harri’s & Co.

Arlington Soap, a classic touch

D. R. Harris’s Arlington Soap is one of the company’s most enduringly classic products.Arlington has been in production for well over 100 years and is a classic Eau de Cologne fragrance with strong citrus notes of lemon and orange blossom underpinned by the warmth of musk and rose. D. R. Harris soaps are ma-de in the UK.



Amarok soap made by hand, in the south of France

Rich in olive oil and activated charcoal, AMAROK is suitable for a gentle daily cleansing of the body, face, hair and beard. Tonic, its natural scent made from organic eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils.


Binu Binu

Big Block Shaman

For the soap-lover who doesn’t want to run out. A super-sized block of our super-natural cold-pressed soap. Contains detoxifying activated charcoal bolstered with essential oils of Lavender, Himalayan Cedarwood and Clary Sage which form the basis of many purification ceremonies.



InterMan Soap

Inspired by chaos and disorder this spicy and woody fragrance masquerades an interlude moment of harmony in its heart. This gently fragranced soap incorporates natural vegetable oils to maintain well-balanced healthy skin.



Apothecary Created with natural and organic ingredients

The mild Apothecary Hand Wash has been created with Frama’s signature scent, providing a naturally fresh and aromatic cleansing experience that refreshes and softens the hands. Made in Denmark, It comes in two sizes and is bottled in custom colored Italian glass bottles.


Organic Hand Wash

Nourishing organic hand wash, specially designed to cleanse dry and sensitive hands gently. Created with organic whey (nourishing), soy protein (strengthening) and organic extracts of lavender (soothing), nettle (antioxidant) and rosemary (stimulating).



24 Carat Gold soap - Your skin will be toned and silky smooth!

The exclusive Gold Soap will bring celebration atmosphere in your bathroom. In Ancient Egypt the beautiful wives of pharaohs used partly ground gold for cosmetic procedures. Extract of po-megranates grown in Southern sun is a rich source of antioxidants supplementing the effect of the soap perfectly.



Holy Lake Soap is a modern cleansing skin care product.

The soap contains curative mud from the Dead Sea which is actually a drainless salt lake located at the lowest point on Earth. The mud stimulates the regenerative processes, improves metabolism, and has hypoallergenic and antiseptic properties. The high content of trace elements and sulfur heals vitamin and mineral deficiencies in case of skin diseases.



Black Orchid 0% ingredients of animal origin

The Black Orchid soap is formulated with a recipe which dates back to 1949. The plant base of this soap is enriched with highly nourishing Shea butter, which provides a very gentle care for the facial and body skin. The key ingredient is a rejuvenating complex of 5 natural oils of coconut, Buriti, olives, avocado, and grapes to moisturise and protect the skin from dryness and ageing. The voluptuous note of black orchid makes it very pleasant to cleanse the skin of the body and the face of make-up and everyday impurities.


Austin Austin

Palmarosa & Vetiver Hand Soap

This hand soap is made without GM ingredients, SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragran-ces and is certified Organic and vegan. Made with extracts of plants, grasses, seaweed and algae to moisturise and protect.


Savonneries Bruxelloises

Amaranth and Almond oil - The feminine seduction …

From the deep transparency of this heady soap, to the oriental notes caressed of citrus fruits and candied red fruits, a journey into sensuality and trouble. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help prevent skin allergies. To discover absolutely.