Go(o)d exists in details

There are moments in life that just feel different. The moments we feel most happy are when we share joy and achievement together. In the moments that scare us the most we find protection and confidence in being together. It was in such a moment this first edition of our new Together magazine was created.

Design needs to relate to daily life. Design blends into the culture all around us. Design lifts our spirit. The best design comes naturally and feels just right. The difference is in the details. Internationally renowned designer & architect, Roberto Palomba, talks in this issue about the roots of his inspiration.

In a volatile world stable reference points are valuable and provide clear orientation. Turbulent times separate the noise from the substance. British icon brand Armitage Shanks writes such story. For more than 200 years, a guiding light in the turbulences of daily life.

We aim to contribute to the evolution of modern life. The ‘Green Utopia’ outlined in this magazine by urban designer Andrea Boschetti suggests a new balance between the demands of urban life and nature.

Color triggers emotion. In ‘Le Grand Bleu’ we explore a color that addresses the desire for stability, relaxation and elegance.

Time is precious. That’s why we choose to spend time focusing on what really matters. We aim at simplifying the process of creation. To this aim we offer an Atelier that brings together people and the best of all crafts.

And we are inclusive, believing in the power of Together for Better.

Torsten Türling

CEO Ideal Standard International