From rituals to the forms of design

Everything starts from water: holy, purifying, precious, and from the need to collect it and offer it to believers. Today this vital element, considered the gold of the 21st century, is part of our daily life. Design has put it on stage by designing washbasins with a strong personality, functional and elegant. Real furnishings to put on display

Basilica of San Gennaro in Antignano (Neaples) Holy water column font

Asymmetry game, Conca, round vessel with free-standing pedestal and basin unit Joy vessel mixer.

The washbasin has a perfect, simple and generous shape. Cozy. Originally it was used for ablutions, ritual washings for spiritual purification and was set in the atrium of basilicas. The Italian Renaissance produced fonts of rare beauty, true art masterpieces. Just think of the sinks of the sacristies of Florence Cathedral, the majolica one by Giovanni della Robbia in Santa Maria Novella and the huge basin of the Certosa di Pavia. Carved in marble or other precious materials, they welcomed believers and in return they asked for a gesture of faith. However, already in the Middle Ages, portable washbasins, shaped like basins, were used to rinse the hands during meals: sophisticated gold, silver or bronze vessels from Persian, Sassanid, Muslim art in general. Even French, Flemish and German artists from the thirteenth century tried their hand at the creation of aquamanili of the highest craftsmanship. The same form, practical and simplified, is found later in private homes: small sinks to hang on the wall in copper, porcelain or majolica. But it is in the eighteenth century that the washbasin began to be a more widespread and permanent object: supported by three crossed feet, it was placed in the corners of halls and bedrooms.

Then, in the nineteenth century, we found them locked in closets, a clear way to hide the intimacy linked to the act of washing. Since then, also thanks to the increasing urbanization, the desire for personal hygiene has conquered a defined space: first as an appendix to the house, then by occupying a whole room inside the most exclusive homes. Today, after years of segregation and, we dare say, fighting a real social and image revolution, the bathroom, complete with all its elements, is universally considered the place of well-being: a space to live in intimacy, but also to share with loved ones.

Today the purest geometries define the bathroom. Washbasins, as holy water stoups for contemporary rituals, are once again essential basins

Reminiscent of the basins of the past, Ipalyss round vessel, with an essential shape

Syria, bronze basin, 1320-40 ca, Muhammad Ibn Al-Zayn.

Strada vessel: built to be flexible and beautiful

Strada II round basins - Adapto consoles. Its generous width adds character to this piece of furniture of great elegance. Edge vessel mixers

Ideal Standard has been the spokesperson of this revolution since the 1950s, forever changing the concept of the bathroom and creating the first example of industrial design in this sector. It also sets new aesthetic standards - an interface of rituals in post-war Europe -, which accompanies mass urbanization and helps shape modernity. Since then, the Ideal Standard catalogue has been enriched with designs and new technologies, which allow for very light, almost immaterial, yet extremely resistant aesthetics. Today the purest geometries define the bathroom. Washbasins, as holy water stoups for contemporary rituals, are once again essential basins, objects to put on display.

Strada II features oval-shaped basins, perfect for resting on natural wood shelves. A refined idea for sharing moments of well-being. On the wall Edge wall mounted mixers.

They can be placed on large shelves, supported by tapered columns or recessed under stone slabs or precious woods. They have variable shapes: perfect rounds, slender ovals, squared basins with rounded corners. They are available in technologically advanced materials and can come in a thousand different finishes and colors. The washbasin is a real piece of design, studied in its most sophisticated ergonomic functions to be exhibited as a special piece of furniture.

Top designers sign the collections after carefully studying gestures and habits to design bathroom fixtures of extreme beauty and formal rigor

Large square-shaped washbasin, Connect Air square basin underlines its great formal balance when combined with Connect Air wall mounted mixer.

Measuring 55x38 cm, Ipalyss, is a rectangular washbasin with the characteristic edge to host the Joy tap.

Connect Air is designed to be built-in. Here it is shown in combination with a suspended cabinet and a drawer from the same collection.