Working as a team makes us stronger; caring makes us better. Even in the darkest days of the past 18 months, togetherness has been a light that has shone through as we have looked after our families and friends. These values of care and collaboration are central to everything we do at Ideal Standard. This is encapsulated in our unifying ethos, Together For Better. In this edition of Together, we explore these themes of care and collaboration through the dual lenses of design and creativity. We talk to influential Dutch trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, who predicts that after the pandemic we will care more for our world. She says our recent experience has encouraged us to live more frugally, be more creative and travel, produce and consume less. Recent years have seen the world wake up to the importance to our ecosystems of bees, whose industriousness and teamwork as pollinators allow many plants to reproduce. Our feature takes a look at the work of Tomáš Libertíny and the creative endeavours of hotels, architects and craftspeople to recognise bees’ importance to the future of Earth. We also feature the work of Ideal Standard in caring for our world and its people. We discuss how our hygiene focused products have been incorporated into healthcare projects in Germany and look at the effective handwashing and reduced water consumption offered by our new Intellimix tap.

We also discuss care of a different kind; as the custodians of a design heritage stretching back to the early 20th century, our Atelier Collections are reinventing the work of master designers. As we continue to live through these difficult times, we still cannot be sure exactly how the world will look when we come out of the other side. But it seems certain that what we have learnt about togetherness and looking after each other will stay with us. In this changed world we now live in, it is no coincidence that where we once said “goodbye”, we now say “take care”.

Jonas Nilsson ┃ Jan Peter Tewes



Above. Being part of a large family and sharing common goals are great drivers for success. The honeybee can teach as a lot about teamwork and how it is a fundamental component for building a better future.


The Together World Tour brings six cities and six stories

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