From Z to Z

Atelier Collections features a new protagonist in its catalogue: the Tipo–Z washbasin, with a distinct character and unique shape. A true artist proof at corporate level

Just like a sculpture, Tipo–Z has been designed to be a real star of the bathroom. A one-off piece that stands out for the elegance of its shape and the high technology of its creation. New entry in the Atelier Collections range, it bears the signature of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

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A hand sketch of the project. Great attention has been given in order to make this single piece as light and thin as possible.

Could it be a coincidence that in ancient Greek the consonant Zed (Ζ, ζ ) corresponds to a double consonant? It is certainly not by chance that Ideal Standard, almost seventy years later, has reinvented - doubled - the design of the Ponti Z washbasin designed by Gio Ponti in 1954. At that time, we were confronted with a thought born just after the Second World War, within an innovative, educational, civilizing and highly creative process aimed at giving shape to objects, functions and spaces that often did not yet exist. Today, the author of this re-invention is Roberto Palomba of Palomba Serafini Associati studio and Ideal Standard's Chief Design Officer.

1954 —

—2021 Reinventing the icon

After WW2, Italy and Europe began their reconstruction phase. Gio Ponti, then Artistic Director of Ideal Standard, designed Ponti Z, a collection of bathroom fixtures that has gone down in history. The slender shape was composed of two elements: the pedestal and the basin.

Tipo–Z. The natural evolution of the original idea has led to a washbasin made in a single piece: an operation technically not feasible in 1954, but possible today since the limits of ceramic production have been overcome. A technical challenge passed in style.

A 1950s advertisement for Ponti Z, a washbasin designed by Gio Ponti. The company's best seller for many decades.

Two models are available on the market: white and glossy black.Designed also with the idea to furnish public spaces, Tipo–Z has character and wants to surprise with its exclusive executive manufacturing quality.