Face to face with Lidewij Edelkoort

Ecological, creative, but also sentimental, the future according to one of the most popular trend forecasters in the world will have to be more on a human scale. Under the banner of slowness and greater awareness of our real needs.

Li Edelkoort is a consultant for the fashion, textile and various manufacturing sectors, with a specific focus on sustainability.

Her fields of observation are art, fashion, design and consumer culture, which she mainly develops in Paris, where she set up her Trend Union agency, and in New York, where she opened the Textile MFA at the Parsons School

Her forecasts have never disappointed: when Li Edelkoort, one of the industry’s most respected cultural meteorologists in the world, points her finger to new aesthetic and costume orientations, the world of fashion, textiles and design takes stock of her words and gets down to work.

The Green Book features the 2021 trends according to Li Edelkoort. Divided into different themes, it allows free consultation in order to build your own mood board in the name of a greener society.

Natural colours and fibers - Li prefers hemp, linen and nettle to cotton that consumes too much water - will be in great demand in the near future.

Each image, approved by Li Edelkoort, must be perfected in every detail. Her publications are recognized all over the world for their high formal quality and density of content.

In her Anti Fashion manifesto, Li claims that the fashion world has reached a point of no return. The ongoing social change will lead to more creativity by consumers and a rebirth of the textile sector.

A Labour of Love offers insights into creative processes, such as loom weaving and recycling of waste materials. Written by Li Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano.

A poetic shot by Michael Baumgarten. Two hands, two generations show water, the most precious asset to be preserved and handed down.