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Engineering and research excellence, top quality raw materials and thorough testings make Ideal Standard an innovative brand, always projected towards the future. An on-going quest for excellence to ensure comfort, functionality and durability

Ideal Standard quality has been made possible thanks to a cutting-edge engineering vision, adequate production technologies and accurate prototyping and testing.

Treasuring everything that has been done, thought and designed in the past is an essential task of a successful company. The cultural heritage is the lifeblood for designing contemporaneity. Certainly, in Germany, the teachings passed down by the Bauhaus, a school of art and architecture set up by Walter Gropius in 1919 in Weimar, are a reference point for those involved in design.

From thought to action. A perfect integration between project, design and production cycle.


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Above. St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin. During the 2020 pandemic, the bathrooms in the intensive care unit were equipped with Contour 21 plus washbasins and Ceraplus 2 taps that allow thermal disinfection.

St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin. During the 2020 pandemic, the bathrooms in the intensive care unit were equipped with Contour 21 plus washbasins and Ceraplus 2 taps that allow thermal disinfection.


Handwashing redefined

Thanks to the innovative solution of Intellimix® water taps, Ideal Standard has definitively solved the problem of hand sanitation

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The idea is simple: to create a single tap dispensing both water and soap. The result is a product that combines design, technology and environmental sustainability with improved hygiene. But what are the benefits of Intellimix®? Here is what you can expect: up to 85% reduced water consumption, up to 80% less soap usage, significantly lower running and maintenance costs and, thanks to IdealBlue technology, the water flows through a separate plastic pipe without touching the brass body of the tap, ensuring it conforms with drinking water regulations. But that is not all. The Intellimix® mild antibacterial soap has been specifically formulated to ensure perfect hygiene and a dedicated App allows not only the remote and real-time management of the equipment, but also the monitoring of data and alerts in case of any reduction in resources. It is no coincidence that this innovative tap meets the requirements of green certification schemes such as BREEAM and LEED. Intellimix® is completely touch-free allowing you to have your hands free… to wash your hands.

Undisputed finish line

A fantastic science at your fingertips.

For over fifty years Ideal Standard has maintained its leadership in the production of ceramic disc cartridges. Today FirmaFlow® is the market leader thanks to its innovative engineering solutions that guarantee durability, savings and comfort superior to any alternative. The Cera Family collection was born in Wittlich's research laboratories, consisting of projects for infinite solutions, all with a common goal: to offer maximum comfort and top technology. How many daily actions do we automatically perform, without thinking about how they actually work? For example, turning on the tap to rinse our face, taking a shower or just washing our hands. We don't really care how the water gets to us, we just want our gesture to satisfy our needs. With FirmaFlow® the value of all this is hidden behind a shape: ergonomic, elegant and functional. But, when we talk about taps, the difference lies in the technology applied to engineering. Duration, energy saving and consumption, the LightMove patent guarantees precision in the delivery of the chosen temperature never reached before. A line of models to meet every need, both aesthetic and functional, without ever having to compromise. To the elegant shapes that are expressed in the design, FirmaFlow® has also managed to add the perfection of a design that you will never see, that of efficient and sustainable technology.

The invisible design. In the picture, a blown-up FirmaFlow® cartridge, a technological evolution of the 1969 patent. Thanks to this innovation, Ideal Standard has maintained its leadership on the faucets market.