Atelier Collections: Design shapes Culture, and vice versa

Evolution in life happens when avant-garde Individuals challenge the boundaries of the status quo. Rossana Orlandi is such an avant-garde personality. In our interview with her she reveals why she is often called ‘Mom’ by Designers, and she shares her love for Milan. Milan is the world capital of Design. At the same time, it’s home of Ideal Standard Italy and the Group’s Global Design Centre. Milan is this magical location were avantgarde design was created by the greatest Designers & Architects of their epoch. Rooted in this heritage, Ideal Standard once again is at the forefront of the evolution of the culture of Design. Curated and designed by Roberto Palomba, the Atelier Collections are the creative expression of and for the next generation, beautiful shapes, emotional colours, and perfect technical craftsmanship, prescribing a path into the future.

Design is one facet of culture and well-being. But there is more to it. This magazine features articles getting into dialogue about culture in general. ‘A hidden island’ is about Hombroich, a place where creativity and architecture interact with the landscape. Our article on the haptics and elegance of ‘Textiles’ is complemented by a beautiful story on how Carolina Mazzalori has turned her study of fabrics into creating contemporary art.

Colours are a design statement. The signature colour of Atelier Collection is Red. But, which Red – Brick-red, Pomegranate-red, or other? Perceptions of red range from cultural values to natural phenomena. Francesca Valan, is an authority in CMF (colours, material, finishes), and in the article she gives us an expert inside into the wide spectrum of reds and their emotional implications. And, as well-being is of course also stimulated by entertainment, we recommend our cover story ‘The reader in the Bathroom’. Our brand is inspired by culture, the arts and technological progress. At the same time, Ideal Standard contributes to the evolution of the culture of design and well-being of people, driven by our core belief of Together for Better.

Above. Lucio Fontana, Neon Structure for the Ninth Milan Triennale, 1951 (2010). A suspended hundred metre long arabesque of fluorescent light twists and turns on the top floor of the Arengario in Milan. It is the latest exhibition stage of the Museo del Novecento, which houses more than 400 works of Italian art of the 20th century. The Fontana room envelops Piazza Duomo in a luminous embrace, an urban landscape symbol of an entire city, the pulsating centre of the Milanese life.


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