The architecture of well-being

Transforming and regenerating to give life to new projects. With Atelier Collections, a new culture of interior architecture has been created that intends the bathroom to be a personalized refuge, of affective sharing and self-care. A complex project that welcomes different signs without imposing styles but offering tools to create infinite ones

In 2021 Atelier Collections has added the new Linda-X sanitaryware collection. Thanks to Diamatec® technology, lines and thicknesses are reduced to the essential: a technical innovation that creates very fine but extremely strong ceramic edges, creating extraordinary ceramics.

This collection stems from the desire to pay homage to Ideal Standard's DNA with an eye to the future

Sometimes breaking the rules just means expanding them." Starting from this poet by Mary Olivier, an American poetess, we can try to understand the path that a creative thought must face in order to innovate art. The ability to observe the world around us, to sense its needs, to update oneself on innovative techniques and materials are just some creating art, albeit fundamental, of doing art. It is crucial to find both the courage and strength to go beyond what is expected and explore unchartered and little-explored paths. The atelier by definition is the place for experimentation and creation. A melting pot of ideas, it finds its fulfillment when it focuses on a thought and knows exactly how to give shape to what was tangible only in the mind. That is why Ideal Standard has chosen the name atelier to define an entrepreneurial line, Atelier Collections is the synthesis and expression of a process of innovation, it is the will and determination to renew the concept of bathroom to acknowledge a new culture of the interior. All the collections that come under this definition

have a strong aesthetic impact but stand out by their extreme flexibility and adaptability. The starting idea is simple: to compose an assortment of proposals capable of launching a dialogue with different styles and needs to offer the future guest of the new bathroom all the tools, including emotional colours, necessary to make a tailor-made project. In the living room of intimacy we find the pleasure of taking care of the body and the mind. The time granted to our beauty and rejuvenation in the bathroom is precious, more than ever. The appointment is with ourselves, is with relaxation, creams, perfumes, a revitalizing shower and a liberating bath. It means entering the most personal room in the house and finding a hideaway to listen to music, read a book, or stay in silence. Here is the interior that surrounds us – sensual shapes, colors, quality of materials, lights, accessories – our senses desire to dive deep into it. We want it perfect, elegant and innovative like a tailored suit. Absolutely personalized.

Above. Two preparatory drawings for the Linda washbasin. The series was designed by Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini. To the right. The zenith view of the Linda-X washbasin reveals both its design DNA and the ultra-thin thickness of the basin.

Above. The rounded shape of the Linda-X washbasin perfectly combines with the Joy countertop basin mixer with brushed steel finish.

Atelier Collections is the answer to this new way of conceiving the bathroom, it inherits the great Masters’ strength, but updates contemporary needs by treating each element of the collections as real pieces of interior architecture. Above all, however, it suggests a new participation of the future user, which recalls the typical involvement that one can breathe in an atelier, where the ideal project passes through a careful process of selection: shapes, colours, size and emotions. There, every angle is studied in detail to reach original solutions of aesthetic beauty and convenient functionality with extreme care and timeless elegance. For all these reasons, Atelier Collections is a revolutionary project, powerful in its vision, elegant in its forms, innovative in its infinite design possibilities. It is the ideal laboratory where to find all the tools you need to tailor your cocoon room. Architects & Designers, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have been able to envision these changes and, thanks to their careful design work and love for the heritage master pieces, developed Atelier Collections to create a new culture of interior architecture in the bathroom.

The contemporary bathroom is increasingly designed to measure. How can we respond to this need?

Having a tailored approach when designing sanitary ware is not easy, you have to think about the needs of industrial production while trying to respect the original idea. Ceramic is a difficult material to shape and requires technical competence and skilled hands. What you draw on paper must find a correspondence in the sensitive process of Ceramics production. The colour palette, for instance, requires a careful knowledge of the materials, pigments and reactions they have in the kiln.

Technical and humanistic skills are the basis of Atelier Collections. How did you face this challenge?

The connection between a historical past and a contemporary moment corresponds to the acquisition of the essence of good design

This collection stems from the desire to pay homage to Ideal Standard's DNA with an eye to the future. For us it meant studying the historical series signed by the Masters - Conca, Linda-X, PontiZ – and to rethink them with an updated vision. But when you choose a model to inspire you, you also choose the values it contains, not just the shape that characterizes it. The connection between a historical past and a contemporary moment corresponds to the acquisition of the essence of good design. To reveal the inspiration for a model is to show which side you are on.

Above. The rounded shape of the Linda-X washbasin perfectly combines with the Joy countertop basin mixer with brushed steel finish.

Can you give a concrete example?

The Linda series, the latest item of the collection. The architects liked Achille Castiglioni's project because it boiled down to the essence and was the synthesis of the Master's idea, which was poorly understood. Today, thanks to the desire to work with a thinner material we have developed Diamatec® creating a mixture of alumina and oxidized clay. This technical innovation has allowed us to eliminate excessive thicknesses and material, enhance the cleanliness of the lines guaranteeing unprecedented strength and durability at the same time. This operation takes into account the designer's lesson and responds to the needs of contemporary living: sustainability and lightness.

What does it mean to deal with the great Masters of design? How does it feel to be part of this big family?

The designers design the products, the Masters the masterpieces because they deal with values and not with trends. Ideal Standard has always invested in masterpieces and this makes me even more proud to be part of this business strategy.

Above. The new Linda-X countertop washbasin in the matt black version

Top left. Conca mixer, Magnetic Gray finish. Below. Conca washbasin, Conca mixer, Conca bathroom furniture, Sunset Matt finish Lower left. Free-standing Conca basin with column, Joy mixer. Bottom right. Conca dark walnut wall hung cabinet, combined with Extra washbasin and Joy mixer.

Atelier Collections

‘Master designers have a unique ability to capture the essence of the time and translate it into design that is shaping the evolution of society and influence the culture of design beyond the bathroom.’

Torsten Türling CEO

Our latest contribution to the culture of design is Atelier Collections. Aimed at fostering the process of creation, every collection brings together innovation and beauty to enable the realisation of timeless projects. A timeless project engages in a dialogue with technology, improves people’s lives and provides a true sense of well-being while surrounding us with pure beauty - it creates the ‘Eternal Value of Design’. Studio Palomba Serafini Associati has designed unique collections that include an exclusive range of ceramics, brassware, furniture and accessories.

Below. Extra washbasin, Conca countertop mixer, round mirror and Light Oak top. To the right. Pomegranate Red for Ipalyss, combined with Joy mixer in Magnetic Gray. Lower left. An elegant combination: Ipalyss washbasin combined with Smoked Oak cabinet. Bottom right. Twelve colour variants for Ipalyss. In the photo, the Nude Pink version.

Styles range from Contemporary (Conca, Ipalyss) and Modern (Linda X) to Ultra-Modern (Extra) and Vintage (Tipo Zeta). Core to Atelier Collections are colours and innovative materials like Diamatec enabling new sensual shapes of ultrathin ceramics. The Blend WC & Bidet collection with its puristic curve or cube design perfectly complements any style direction. The Conca, Joy, Joe Neo and Connect Air faucets and showers collections are adding a very personal touch of colour and style to any of the ceramic collections. All collections are embedded in a universe of accessories and ambiences simplifying the creation of a distinguished project. Atelier Collections embarks on a new era of design, deeply rooted in our design heritage and providing a bold contribution to the creation of Eternal Value of Design.

A new era of design

‘Atelier Collections maintains simplicity and focus on the essence: quality paired with intuitive design that draws inspiration from the past while ensuring the levels of practicality, purity and elegance meet the needs of modern society.’

Roberto Palomba Architect & Designer / Chief Design Officer